Il noto moto-acrobate conclude la sua carriera.....

I’ll keep it short: after 20 years as a professional rider I've decided that it's time to stop riding shows. I'm 45-years-old now and in the past months it's become increasingly hard to ride at a top level. But this has always been my ambition and I've always said that if I cannot get any better then it’ll be time for me to quit and to leave the field to younger riders.
In the past 20 years I’ve ridden thousands of shows all around the world - in 94 countries! It's been an unforgettable experience with countless adventures and experiences. I've worked hard to bring the sport stunt riding out into the mainstream and to thrill, enthuse and entertain many spectators. What a wonderful time I’ve had!
I rode my last stunt riding contest in 2010 and not too long ago I performed at what was probably my last show. But one thing's for sure, I will not quit riding – because riding is my life. That will never change.

Many thanks to all of you!

Tour MC Italia

Mercoledì, 14 Novembre 2018
Domenica, 09 Dicembre 2018
Giovedì, 05 Settembre 2019

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Martedì, 27 Marzo 2018

Consegna Welcome Kit 2018

Mercoledì 28.03.2018 alle ore 20:15 c/o il Ristrorante Pizzeria il Ragno di Policoro (MT), consegneremo agli iscritti del Motorrad Club Basilicata, il Welcome Kit 2018 previsto dal Motorrad Club...

Domenica, 23 Aprile 2017

Conoscere i Pneumatici

Se le maxi enduro/crossover sono le moto più vendute, è facilmente intuibile quanta importanza abbiano gli pneumatici che a questo segmento sono dedicati.....

Schubert E1

Giovedì, 19 Gennaio 2017

Nuovo casco Schubert E 1

Schuberth mostra il nuovo casco E1 Adventure, con alcune foto in anteprima.